2012 Student Scholars

Congratulations to the 2012 CRISSP Scholars! Roll over each student's image to read about their CRISSP experience.

"I also loved my time outside the lab, attending journal clubs and different talks, and learning more about the biomedical field."

Lauren Gadsby

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: Philip Mason, PhD

"The passion and dedication of everyone here is contagious and has inspired me to work harder."

Alyssa Jones

School: Harding University

Mentor: Meghan Marsac, PhD

"Very enjoyable, but also hard work! If you put the time into the research and the program, then you'll definitely get a lot out of the experience."

Alexis Lukach

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Edward Doolin, MD

"Between working on my project and following the other researchers around, I feel like I have a good handle on daily lab procedure."

Anastasia Lyalenko

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Long Zheng, MD, PhD

"The opportunity to meet and learn from all different types of scientists/doctors is what I enjoyed most."

Samantha Mammen

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: Beverly Emanuel, PhD

"What surprised me the most was the number of different paths one can take to end up at the same career point!"

Enitan Marcelle

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Thomas Power, PhD

"I've been given a great amount of responsibility for a project that I've also grown very excited about."

Hannah Martin

School: Swarthmore College

Mentor: Maurizio Pacifici, PhD

"What made my time most enjoyable was the excitement of lab life and the general sense of community among CRISSP scholars."

Ramya Mosarla

School: Temple University

Mentor: Ian Krantz, MD

"Above all, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with scientists from all fields and professional backgrounds."

Joana Petrescu

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Matthew Weitzman, PhD

"I have enjoyed meeting people who are so willing to describe to me what their job is like, the time commitment, and any advice they have."

Rebecca Salowe

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Ian Jacobs, MD

"Finding mentors to help you in your research career is essential for your future success, and CRISSP has definitely helped me on this journey."

Noor Shaik

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Adam Resnick, PhD

"CRISSP is such a comprehensive program that provides students with invaluable experience working in a hospital setting."

Kathryn Valosky

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Lamia Barakat, PhD

"CRISSP has given me insight into what it is truly like to do research in a pediatric hospital."

Molly Vocino

School: Franklin and Marshall College

Mentor: Elizabeth Ely, RN, PhD

"It was a great program with wonderful people and resources. You learn a lot while you're there and it was so worth it."

Heidy Wang

School: Swarthmore College

Mentor: Struan Grant, PhD

"It has been very illuminating to see the many options and potential career paths I can take in order to both practice medicine and conduct research."

Roy Xiao

School: Princeton University

Mentor: Joshua Friedman, MD, PhD