2013 Student Scholars

Congratulations to the 2013 CRISSP Scholars! Roll over each student's image to read about their CRISSP experience.

"I've learned the skill to think like a scientist – the skill of curiosity and to question everything."

Sarah Chang

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: Adam Resnick, PhD

"My team is so knowledgeable, accomplished, and approachable!"

Jessica Eby

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Elizabeth Lowenthal, MD

"I've learned a lot about different interviewing techniques, especially when talking with children."

Caroline Franke

School: Princeton University

Mentor: Elizabeth Ely, RN, PhD

"I enjoyed the opportunity to observe physicians in various pediatric sub-specialties in both clinical settings and in the OR."

Rachel Goldberg

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Ian Jacobs, MD

"There's a nearly endless spectrum of ways in which physicians at CHOP balance clinical work with research careers."

Rebecca Golden

School: Muhlenberg College

Mentor: Edward Doolin, MD

"It's a competitve environment but everyone seems to pull for each other."

Taylor Hudson

School: Shippensburg University

Mentor: Struan Grant, PhD

"I enjoyed learning from and interacting with my mentor, staff, other students, and especially patients."

Colleen Kase

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Lamia Barakat, PhD

"I enjoyed learning new research skills, completing my own independent research project, and interacting with my lab mates."

Victoria Larson

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Ian Krantz, MD

"I learned how to perform western blot analysis, immunofluorescence assays, maxi preps, and qPCR."

Devanshi Mehta

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Matthew Weitzman, PhD

"The summer has been filled with opportunities to acquire new skills while exploring different careers in research."

Adwiteeya Misra

School: Dartmouth College

Mentor: Ian Jacobs, MD

"The amount of troubleshooting, patience, and persistence required to achieve a successful experiment was surprising!"

Kristina Nikolova

School: Drexel University

Mentor: Joshua Friedman, MD, PhD

"Seeing patients during the clinical observations really brought the work in the lab to life."

Corey Rogers

School: La Salle University

Mentor: Long Zheng, MD, PhD

"I have gained a very thorough knowledge of interpreting the results of my experiments and presenting them orally to my PI."

Harold Salmons

School: Dickinson College

Mentor: Beverly Emanuel, PhD

"It's amazing how much you can learn when you don't get the results you expect, or something doesn't go as planned."

Emily Schwartz

School: Mount Holyoke College

Mentor: Philip Mason, PhD

"I was surprised by the number of people who were involved in both clinical medicine and research."

Megan Shannon

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Ian Krantz, MD

"I was able to present two journal articles and spent a good deal of time shadowing members of my research team in their clinical work."

Devin Van Dyke

School: Haverford College

Mentor: Thomas Power, PhD

"I really enjoyed working in the lab, learning new techniques, and living with other CRISSP interns and exploring Philadelphia!"

Chloe Williams

School: Washington & Jefferson College

Mentor: Maurizio Pacifici, PhD

"I love the excitement that lights up the lab when one of us gets promising results."

Carson Woodbury

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Beverly Emanuel, PhD

"Interacting with these scholars has reinforced my desire to work in a pediatrics-related field and has further refined my career goals."

Lindsay Zajac

School: Bucknell University

Mentor: Meghan Marsac, PhD