2014 Student Scholars

Congratulations to the 2014 CRISSP Scholars! Roll over each student's image to read about their CRISSP experience.

"CHOP faculty are so excited to foster the next generation through sharing research ideas."

Jeremy Applebaum

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Mentor: Michael Levine, MD

"I learned how to use STATA and to ask lots of questions."

Kaylin Beiter

School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Mentor: Elizabeth Lowenthal, MD

"Because I aspire to become a surgeon, I have enjoyed my OR observation sessions."

Adebayo Bello

School: Community College of Philadelphia

Mentor: Maurizio Pacifici, PhD

"By the end of the summer, I gained a host of mentors who I will keep in touch with throughout my career path."

Alexis Berry

School: Brown University

Mentor: Antonella Cianferoni, MD, PhD

"I have learned how to analyze detailed sequences, used SVS, IGV, and genome studio to analyze the exome sequences."

Carine Cattier

School: Community College of Philadelphia

Mentor: Philip Mason, PhD

"This internship focuses on career development and exposes us to the different aspects of health and medicine."

Christine Chow

School: Cornell University

Mentor: James Guevara, MD

"CRISSP encouraged me to connect with physicians who explore the intersections of medicine and technology, policy, and business."

Daniel Friedman

School: Columbia University

Mentor: Kristen Feemster, MD

"I particularly enjoyed the opportunities we had to shadow doctors in the main hospital."

James Grivas

School: Temple University

Mentor: Long Zheng, MD, PhD

"I learned to think like a physician scientist—the ability to take what you learn from patients as motivation to create new discoveries in the lab."

Millicent Horn

School: Centre College

Mentor: Sharon Diskin, PhD

"I have enjoyed interacting with the CHOP and Penn faculty and hearing about the potential life-changing research they are so passionate about."

Nicholas Janigian

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Mark Zonfrillo, MD

"CRISSP is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain experience, knowledge, and advice in the field of medicine."

Emily Ji

School: University of Virginia

Mentor: Yael Mosse, MD

"I’ve learned what questions to ask, how to interpret results, and how to collaborate to produce quality data."

Julie Kim

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: Adam Resnick, PhD

"My favorite part of this summer has been getting to work directly with patients at CHOP and their families."

Danielle Kovalsky

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: Meghan Marsac, PhD

"It’s thrilling to be surrounded by so many people who are as enthusiastic about science, medicine, and learning as I am."

Brenna Lilley

School: Haverford College

Mentor: Beverly Emanuel, PhD

"CRISSP was the perfect way to spend the summer: doing cutting-edge research, shadowing inspiring doctors, and having fun in Philadelphia."

Maggie Morash

School: Rutgers University

Mentor: Ian Krantz, MD

"I learned communication skills, hospital professionalism, and how to efficiently answer patients’ questions."

Elena Nikonova

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: John Germiller, MD, PhD

"I have enhanced my data management skills, recruited patients and transferred data to Excel, while managing enrollment and contact logs."

Jessica Noyes

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Lamia Barakat, PhD

"I’ve enjoyed the lab environment- all of the workers in my lab have gone above and beyond to be welcoming and helpful."

Ursula Parlin

School: Oberlin College

Mentor: Struan Grant, PhD

"The array of careers at CHOP was eye-opening. From basic research to translational, clinical work to global, the range is striking."

Andrew Parsons

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Phyllis Dennery, MD

"I appreciated seeing the work and effort put forth in the lab be translated to the clinics to be used by patients."

Mansee Patel

School: Community College of Philadelphia

Mentor: Matthew Weitzman, PhD

"CRISSP was an unbelievable experience that opened so many doors for me."

Christopher Paterno

School: Boston College

Mentor: Sandra Amaral, MD

"What I have enjoyed most is the chance to network with CHOP employees in all stages of their careers."

Morgann Reed

School: Elizabethtown College

Mentor: Edward Doolin, MD

"I used to think pediatric medicine/research was very one-track, but have been surprised by the diversity of paths people have taken."

Neha Shafique

School: Wesleyan University

Mentor: Eric Marsh, MD, PhD

"I have enjoyed learning how to work with the community to frame research questions and improve interventions."

Christine Spaulding

School: Stony Brook University -SUNY

Mentor: Stephen Leff, PhD

"The exposure to so many different disciplines and people has really cemented my passion for medicine."

Kailyn Witonsky

School: Swarthmore College

Mentor: Christina Szperka, MD