2015 Student Scholars

Congratulations to the 2015 CRISSP Scholars! Roll over each student's image to read about their CRISSP experience.

"I learned how to conduct a retrospective chart review, de-identify and manage patient data, write a protocol, and present research and patient cases at academic conferences."

Madeline Amberge

School: Rutgers University

Mentor: Andrew Bauer, MD

"I especially enjoyed meeting professionals in fields I’d like to be in and realizing, 'Yeah, I could do that.'"

Leila Bateman

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Meghan Marsac, PhD

"I have learned how to successfully clone a gene into a plasmid, transfect this plasmid into a cell, and observe the impact this gene has on protein production."

Kasey Brida

School: Binghamton University

Mentor: Beverly Davidson, PhD

"I have learned how to perform the cutting edge procedure of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)."

Elizabeth Burton

School: Gettysburg College

Mentor: Struan Grant, PhD

"I had no idea that pediatric medicine was as much about taking care of the child as it was about communicating and dealing with the parents."

Shubham Chattopadhyay

School: Princeton University

Mentor: Matthew Weitzman, PhD

"Everybody is incredibly motivated, which makes it an amazing environment to work in because you push yourself harder to learn and succeed."

Miriam Doepner

School: Bryn Mawr College

Mentor: Sharon Diskin, PhD

"Working in pediatrics is dealing with ethical dilemmas and comforting parents. That part of medicine definitely makes it all worth it."

Rebecca Fenderson

School: Villanova University

Mentor: Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD

"I have been inspired by how much a team effort everything is, whether conducting rounds in the main hospital or in the lab working on a study design."

Leah Genn

School: Florida State University

Mentor: Elizabeth Lowenthal, MD

"I was able to see firsthand how research findings translate to a clinical setting."

Jennifer Grossman

School: Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women

Mentor: Harry Ischiropoulos, PhD

"I learned how to direct a research project down a productive path and built tremendously upon my networking skills."

Ryan Guzek

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: Antonella Cianferoni, MD, PhD

"Involvement in the program has allowed me to develop skills in study design, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation."

Nikita Lakomkin

School: Vanderbilt University

Mentor: J. Todd Lawrence, MD, PhD

"Throughout my experience, it was exciting to be a part of a research team of accomplished pediatric surgeons, surgery residents, and medical students."

Grace Lee

School: Pennsylvania State University

Mentor: William Peranteau, MD

"It’s not just anywhere that you can sit down with one of the leading doctors or researchers in the nation to chat and feel comfortable doing so."

Hannah Long

School: University of Miami

Mentor: Mark Zonfrillo, MD

"What I’ve enjoyed most is constantly learning and becoming a better scientist."

Sarah Marnin

School: University of Kansas

Mentor: Beverly Emanuel, PhD

"I was able to sharpen my data management and analysis skills, and optimize my cell culture and western blotting techniques."

Darby Marx

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Yael Mosse, MD

"Seeing CHOP doctors combine their love for science and their passion for helping others was amazing."

Hannah Mumber

School: University of Notre Dame

Mentor: Christina Szperka, MD

"I especially found the surgeries extremely interesting and amazing."

Lauren O'Lear

School: Community College of Philadelphia

Mentor: Eric Marsh, MD, PhD

"I shadowed in the PICU and I loved it. I never thought I would consider a possible career in the ICU."

Nicole Parsons

School: Wheaton College

Mentor: Rodney Camire, PhD

"What I’ve enjoyed most is interacting with other clinicians, researchers, and fellow undergraduate students who are working on different projects."

Aubrey Sentman

School: Community College of Philadelphia

Mentor: Ian Krantz, MD

"I really enjoyed learning new techniques and being a part of a lab that is like one big family, although we are all very different from each other."

Laure Seraphin

School: Community College of Philadelphia

Mentor: Adam Resnick, PhD

"I’ve gotten more experience utilizing data analysis software such as SPSS for interpreting and deriving meaningful results from extensive and oftentimes complex data."

Ana Sheehan

School: Vassar College

Mentor: Stephen Leff, PhD

"The Summer Scientific Research Colloquium series allowed me to see the research being done at CHOP and how research and medicine are intertwined."

Samuel Tadros

School: University of Notre Dame

Mentor: Paula Oliver, PhD

"I have acquired new abilities in statistics, geospatial mapping, and writing scientific manuscripts."

Camilo Toro

School: University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Sandra Amaral, MD

"I love interacting with patients. It’s cool to read a research paper, but it’s a totally different experience to interact with the families."

Natalie Waligorski

School: University of Maryland

Mentor: Lamia Barakat, PhD

"I had the privilege of working with PIs who are successfully balancing clinical and research duties, something I hope to do in my career."

Shannon Zhang

School: Yale University

Mentor: Kristen Feemster, MD